Kery Knutson

Kery Knutson

After struggling to achieve an influential position in her marketing career, Kery was overjoyed to earn a role as Director of Communication and Public Relations for a prestigious organization. Previously, she worked for 15-years in various sectors including corporate, nonprofit and government so she was extremely proud to secure this opportunity. It seemed her dreams were coming true! Or were they?

Things quickly started to collapse when the “dream” turned into a nightmare. Simply put, her boss’ values were out of alignment with Kery’s values. And it seemed 22 people agreed, as everyone in her division quit alongside her! She made a decision to leave and start over -- from scratch.

This loss was more than a disappointment, it was hopes and dreams extinguished too soon. And it forced Kery to rebrand herself and her career. She used that loss as motivation to dive into another new area – entrepreneurship.

After her 20 years of experience in marketing in nearly every sector she’s here to bust some marketing myths so that other small business owners can leverage the strength of their brand and promote themselves with confidence as they reach their next level in business.

Kery earned a Master of Arts in Communication at Florida Atlantic University, has been an adjunct communication professor in public speaking and is an author. Aside from coaching small business owners and solopreneurs, she also facilitates trainings on effective communication at work.